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     Adult's sewing pattern: Tunic Singulière

     French adult sizes 34 to 46
  Price : 14 €

Elegant tunic in adult sizes

An easy to wear comfortable tunic.
An easy to sew design, practical but still feminine.
This isn't a close fitting design.  It flares out at the hem.
The back is made of two overlapping layers.
(A little nod to Cosy)
This tunic is designed to be worn with leggings or skinny jeans.  
If you would prefer it shorter remember to shorten the pattern before cutting out your fabric. 
It is recommended to use a very floaty fabric (silk, viscose, jersey).
The front has pleats which shape the waist a little.
A little collar highlights the neckline.
The sleeve have a contrasting hem band mirroring the collar.
The sleeves are 3/4 length.
Here Miss Lady is wearing a pretty version drawn by Leslie (Baboosh)
Fabrics used for this Singulière:
"Facet" Viscose: Atelier Brunette 
Fabrics (width 140cm)
Fabric 1 (Tunic):
Viscose, silk, jersey: 200cm
Fabric 2 (Collar and cuffs):
Cotton voile, viscose, silk: 30cm 
Bias binding: 350cm
Piping: 55cm
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rayons de lune
autour de déa
3 petites boucles et pui
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